Quirky accommodation in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – outdoor activities with your family

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Do you want to give your children holiday memories to last a lifetime? Do you dream of sharing the joy of discovery with them and trying new things? Floating cabins or tree houses, barrels, retro caravans, caravans, yurts, tepees, barges… quirky accommodation is the perfect way to get a complete change of scene, without necessarily going to the other side of the world! You will definitely leave an impression on the hearts of your children, moments of immeasurable family happiness.

A bohemian night in a caravan as quirky accomodation

Hébergements insolitesIn Aix-les-Bains – Riviera of the Alps, the Greppes caravan or the caravan in the estate of Saint Cerice in the Drôme will allow you to share with your family a very original way of immersing yourselves in the nomad lifestyle. Discover another way of living and become a stall holder, Bedouin or gypsy for the weekend. Pretend that you’re part of a travelling circus, have a fun and lively evening with gypsy music playing in the background by the fire, and don’t hesitate to lose yourself in the music. Let yourself go, in this light, nomadic ambience, whilst telling your children traditional stories about gypsy life. Make the most of the surrounding countryside to teach them how to test their balance, do somersaults in the grass or acrobatics of all kinds, and have fun comparing your flexibility to theirs (watch out for cramps the next day ;-))! This is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to circus tricks!

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A floating cabin like on a raft?

hebergement-special-enfant-rhone-alpesDo you want nature, a change of scene and authenticity? Do you love unusual places, quirky accommodation focused on experiencing the unknown and unexpected. Are you a Robinson Crusoe-style family? Have fun by packing the bare minimum for a trip on a floating cabin. So, for the big send off, what will your adventurers take to survive in the middle of the ocean, alone on a raft? Take a magnifying glass to see nature up close, a flask and card games for the evening. The Chanaz isletor the floating cabins in the Dombes estate are an ideal place for this type of adventure, with comfort on top. Imagine fishing by hand to try and catch your lunchtime meal, the sound of the waves and the sunset in the background. Mmm… enjoy! Feel. Listen. How wonderful it is to be together!

Unleash your inner child in a treehouse

cabane-perchee-rhone-alpesImagine spending the night with your family, perched in a tree, with squirrels for neighbours. This quirky accommodation is the chance to unleash your inner child. You are in the heart of the wilderness, in the middle of the forest or beside a lake, far from the noise of the city. No stress, no urgency, you just need to look and listen to the nature around you. ‘Can you hear the children? The rustling of leaves in the wind? Or maybe it’s the squirrel sleeping next to us ?’ In the Cyclamens campsite, in the Regional Natural Park of the Massif des Bauges, orthe ‘La Trafolle’ cabinin the middle of La Chartreuse, you will have the opportunity to breathe deeply, tucked up in your tree, in a magnificent green setting. Expect to be woken up early by the birds tweeting and the sunlight streaming through the leaves. This rare moment will leave an impression on children and parents alike!

A native american weekend in a real tepee!

sejour-avec-enfants-alpesCurl up with your family in a real tepee, for a guaranteed change of scene! A quirky escape that will send the imagination of you and your children into overdrive! Become Native Americans for a weekend! Have fun finding symbolic Native American names: ‘great black eagle’ and ‘gazelle running through the wind’ will delight your children. This is also the opportunity to show your children the traditional skills of Native American tribes. Why not try lighting a fire without a lighter or matches? Or why not try making a miniature wigwam with bits of wood gathered along your walks? In the Grand Revard Savoy Tepee Village, you will be welcomed all year around for an unusual family experience.


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