Heritage and Culture
Imagine yourself drifting along the waters of the Lac du Bourget. Opposite you, a mountain comes right to the water's edge. Little by little, you start to make out an architectural gem tucked away on the wild coast... Welcome to Hautecombe Abbey! The majestic and elegant architecture and attention to detail inspire admiration, respect and spirituality.


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On a historic walk along ancient roads and paths, discover a land shaped by the Romans, monarchs, eminent writers and famous artists. Today, you will be blown away by the ancient monuments, palaces, roads and religious buildings.
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Guided tour
Saturday 15 February 2020
Guided tour of the old luxury hotels
Guided tour
Wednesday 8 April 2020
Art nouveau and Art déco guided tour
Guided tour
Sunday 9 February 2020
Friday 31 January 2020
Friday 21 February 2020
Saturday 28 March 2020
Wednesday 15 April 2020
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