Walks with children in the Savoy – 7 hikes to discover

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No time like the present to introduce your children to the joys of hiking. Hiking the Savoy is a fun and educational adventure for your little wanderers. With the highest mountains reserved for experienced hikers, the Savoy region is no less rich in surprising family-friendly walks, with marvellous countryside to explore, in the breath-taking vineyards, lakes and valleys. Numerous walks are suitable for families in search of simple and traditional pleasures to share.

Walks with children : entertaining and educational trails to learn whilst having fun !

balades-avec-les-enfantsIs there anything more exciting for young hikers than a paper chase punctuated with stories and anecdotes to discover?! Get ready to go on an adventure with them! Whether its inthe ruins of a castle, oramongst the vines,get in touch with your inner child, forget the time, and let yourself be guided solely by your senses. Observe your surroundings and let yourself by astounded by the richness of the landscapes. Carried away by the curiosity and the spontaneity of your kids, feel the branches breaking under your feet. Try and compare your feelings and sensations to those of your children. Enjoying watching you enjoy yourself, it’s a unique opportunity to experience real moments of emotion and connection with your family. Your children will remember these incredible shared moments on family walks forever.

Designed for children, download the ‘J’Aix’plore’ nature guide about the animals of Lac du Bourget.

Hiking with a donkey for a wonderful bonding experience

balade avec un ane en savoieIt’s not every day that children spend time with an animal. A real mountain guide and partner and a friend to children, donkeys, renowned for being stubborn, remain no less endearing for their gentleness and courage.

Winding throughthe Massif des Baugesat your side, your donkey will carry your picnic, or your tired little knights! Imagine the whole family, walking at a gentle trot, in time with the donkey’s hooves. Enjoy watching your children’s behaviour as they delight in the presence of this calm and expressive animal. They will run around it, walk by its side, have fun brushing its coat, laughing at its big ears. Why not put them in charge of guiding it?! Proud as punch, this will encourage them to walk at a decent speed.

As well as walking with the children, spending the night in a hut will surely leave a lasting impression on your little adventurers. Imagine yourself going into a warm, traditional chalet. You will be instantly transported by the smell of traditional dishes prepared by your hosts. Time will stand still as you dive into a friendly ‘Savoyard-style’ break, making the most with your family in a place where you can live and eat well, completely immersed in the atmosphere of real hikers. Your children will discover incredible landscapes, the smell of dew that forms at nightfall, admire the stars that you can teach them to recognise, and marvel before a pitch-black, sparkling sky that extends as far as the eye can see. One last shooting star before falling into a deep sleep? Lulled by the deafening silence of the mountains… Rare emotions to share with your family, in the huts of the Dent Parrachée or the Aiguilles d’Arves.

Hikes for all ages !

balade facile en SavoieLittle ones in a baby sling, lulled by the rhythm of your steps, will benefit from the fresh air and tranquil atmosphere for a moment of complete happiness! Children aged 3 to 6 will enjoy the short walks suitable for their abilities, and their thirst for discovery on walks lasting between 2-3 hours maximum, such as the ‘By the water’ path. For children aged 7+, even if a few ground rules need to be respected for their safety, don’t hesitate to give your older children a little, light-weight backpack… it’s much more fun! At that age, children can walk up to 15km per day. A myriad of walks and natural gems are waiting to be discovered with your family!


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Crédits photos : Pixabay-AnnaER, C. Baudot, G. Lansard