This incredible natural site reopens  its doors to visitors this summer 2021 after 40 years of disregard.

Free access, suspended walkways… everything has been designed to allow you to discover this historical site.

Free walking tour.

The visit starts from the car park « route des Bauges ».

You will discover the remains of the Gorges dam and the pier which made navigation in the canyon possible in the past.

A pathway and two footbridges hung halfway up the rocks allow visitors to walk along the Sierroz along the canyon. A small footbridge links the left bank to the right bank of the canyon.

The stroll continues as far as Grésy waterfall where you can admire various viewpoints with picturesque landscape.

The area around Grésy waterfall offers the opportunity to :

  • discover industrial buildings as sawmill, mills, oil mill…
  • admire the waterfall and the headstone raised by Queen Hortense in 1813
  • stop at various breathtaking viewpoints overlooking the waterfall, the Dalby mill, the oil press, the canyon...
Gorges du Sierroz