With the aim of offering better advice and a warmer welcome to people visiting Aix-les-Bains - Riviera of the Alps, the Tourist Office is committed to the ‘Tourism and Disability’ certification process.

Our actions:

  • Creating an accessible welcome area, with new signs.
  • Installing a hearing loop
  • Creating a simplified ‘Guide to Aix-les-Bains’ for disabled people, and providing a welcome brochure in large print and simplified text.
  • Making a list of places that have disabled access, but are not certified.
  • Creating a welcome team to assist disabled people.
  • Two wheelchairs are available in Aix-les-Bains: the Tourist Office in the town centre and the Grand Port Tourist Office.
  • We have created a disabled parking space 50m from the entrance to the Tourist Office and installed a doorbell.
  • The Town also has two chairs to help disabled people into the water. Two Hippocampe wheelchairs at the municipal beach. These can be used for a half-day for no charge (deposit needed for the wheelchair).

The ‘Tourism and Disability’
Created by the Secretary of State for tourism and consumers in May 2001, the ‘Tourism and Disability’ certification is a national standard which validates the welcome and accessibility of tourist sites and services for people with visual, hearing, physical or mental impairments. It guarantees an efficient welcome that is adapted to the needs of disabled people, who want to go on holiday like everyone else.

An emergency? Did you know?
114 is the emergency number for people with difficulties in hearing or speaking. It's a free number for deaf and hearing-impaired people, people with speech difficulties and specific language impairments to contact emergency services by text or fax:
Ambulance (15),
Police (17)
Fire brigade (18).
More information: 
Send a text to 114!
If anyone you know is affected by this, let them know!

Accessible places in Aix-les-Bains - Riviera of the Alps
We offer a selection of hotels, restaurants and leisure services that have different levels of disabled access. We have carefully inspected all of the places listed here, to establish how accessible they are. You will find in this list technical descriptions divided into two accessibility levels. Moreover, different icons show the different facilities available.

See the accessible offers