10 reasons to love

Aix les Bains Riviera des Alpes
  • 01
    We have a unique holiday style On the banks of the biggest natural lake in France, experience innovation and well-being in the heart of the Riviera of the Alps.
  • 02
    The best of nature for your well-being Reconnect with yourself and find your natural rhythm for an overall sense of well-being where body and mind are in harmony. Natural medicine and miraculous water provide complete restoration.
  • 03
    Naturally beautiful There are some places that stand out because of their soft colours. There are some places that know more than others how to reach into the depths of your soul due to their incredible beauty. The Lac du Bourget is one of these places. The beauty of its wild and romantic landscapes comes from their verticality, which is equally as stunning seen from above as from the ground.
  • 04
    Our cultural identity For many years, the lake has been used for trade between Geneva and the Mediterranean. From smuggling to social rivalry, history is revealed through the water.
  • 05
    The temperature of your bath is a constant 25°C As surprising as it may seem, the Lac du Bourget can reach 27°C in summer. It is even advised to go for a dip in the middle of the lake to cool off.
  • 06
    The emotions of your childhood This is the place to connect with your inner child, as you remember how to listen, observe, and take your time. Become carefree again
  • 07
    Romanticism as a way of life In other words, generally feeling good. This is also modern romanticism. Like a promise to reconnect to one another.
  • 08
    Flavour creators Our producers and craftspeople will refresh both your palate and your life. Try, taste and experience real culinary emotions.
  • 09
    Art comes onto the scene Festivals are a way of life, with the biggest artists coming together. A culture, a tradition, a way of life.
  • 10
    Urban life Once upon a time, a town on the side of a lake offered an unparalleled quality of life. Here, there was no stress or bottling up of emotions. People had time to go shopping, sit on the terrace, visit a good exhibition or simply appreciate the majestic architecture, for their eyes only.