Restaurants on the go

A gourmet discovery without waiting
The fast-food restaurants of Aix les Bains Riviera des Alpes are much more than merely a practical way of getting a quick meal. They offer a nomadic culinary adventure in which every meal becomes a delicious discovery on the go. For travellers in a hurry or gourmets in search of the real thing, the snack bars ofAix les Bains Riviera des Alpes promise a memorable culinary experience that fits perfectly with your adventure.
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Type de restauration
  • Crêperie (1)
  • Fast food (4)
  • Traditional cooking (1)
    • Aix-les-Bains
    • Grésy-sur-Aix
    • Le Bourget-du-Lac
Moyens de paiement
  • Chèques vacances (1)
  • Tickets restaurant (3)
Équipement et services
  • Pets welcome (4)
  • Private parking (1)
  • Terrace (4)
  • Travellers Cheque (1)
    • 1